Variable Engine Speed Control

The VDO Pedal Interface II for Variable Engine Speed Control is a Retrofit solution for electronically controlled engines. It allows all aspects of engine performance to be managed according to individual requirements including customisable engine-speed regulation. Pedal Interface is the perfect remote-control throttle device for concrete pumps.


Road speed limiters and electronic pedal units have been used on the road and on specialist vehicles for more than 20 years. Our Pedal Interface II consists of an electronic control unit which installs between the pedal sensor and the engine management system and can be custom programmed.

An optional wired remote-control handset allows engine speed to be managed externally. According to how the system is programmed or set, in this way the setting signals are easy to manage effectively, and fixed additional functions may also be activated. The special configuration of our Pedal Interface II makes it unnecessary to adjust the hardware and software associated with standard engine management. This makes Pedal Interface II suitable for use on all types of vehicle. It can also be configured by authorised personnel to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.


VDO Pedal Interface II


Engine-speed control facility
Engine-speed Regulation
High Preforming and Versatile
Retrofit Solution for electronically controlled engines


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