Kimax 2
Measures gross weight / payload air, mechanical & mixed suspensions

Kimax 2 Radio fits your DIN slots and offers load control of your vehicle, either as a solo instrument including in-built air sensors and interface for SG Sensors, or as a display unit only, which needs to contact one or more Kimax 2 Sensors through the power line device bus, which can act on the existing vehicle electric system.

Kimax 2 calculates the current loads from the current air pressure in the suspension system and displays this figure as a three-digit value. The On-Board Load Control is an electronic weighing system which can be used in all vehicles whose axles or axle groups are equipped with air suspension system.

Kimax 2 Radio Air: Download Product Information

Kimax 2 Radio Mixed: Download Product Information

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Kimax 2


Alarm for gross weight and overload on individual axles
Current gross weight (Radio Air) or current total load (Radio Mixed) for the entire vehicle.
Current load on all individual axles
Gross weight (Radio Air) or current total weight (Radio Mixed) per tractor/trailer
Payload for the entire vehicle
Payload per tractor/trailer


Due to the modular construction, the product is very flexible and can be
individually adapted to most vehicle conditions.
Can be used in a Trailer only configuration. Refer to Trailer PDF
Air, Mechanical and mixed suspensions.
Most precise and the Most Flexible to install.


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