TSU 1391 – Modular Simulator

The TSU 1391 Tachograph Simulator can be placed in vehicles that are exempt from tachograph obligations.

Modern commercial vehicles are often equipped with a MTCO1324 or DTCO Tachograph which calculates the speed via the motion sensor KITAS and transfers the information per the CAN Bus to an instrument cluster. If there is no need or compliance requirement to use the tachograph, the TSU – 1391 – Tachograph Simulator can be used instead.  


TSU 1391


Battery-buffered Real Time Clock (RTC)
Captive Testing and programming plug device cover plate
ISO 7736 radio compartment format
Plug Compatible to MTCO 1324
Pulse generator types: 2159, 2170
Replaces present MTCO and DTCO Digital tachograph
Time adjustable by user


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