VDO SingleViu® gauges streamline the previous VDO gauges. They are round shaped, water proof instruments with one display per device that ensures an excellent overview and ease of use.
For almost 90 years, VDO has ensured that all aspects of your instrumentation run smoothly. SingleViu® continues this tradition.

SingleViu® instruments support both digital CAN bus (CAN SAE J1939) and traditional analogue sensors. The individual instruments for measuring temperatures, levels, pressures, voltage and current are available with a diameter of 52mm. Tachometers and speedometers are available in diameters of 80/85 or 100 mm.

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Devices with a diameter of 80/85 and 100mm have a push button and an LCD display that can show the driver a variety of information. Both dial and display are available in different Illuminations. Airco can customise the gauges to you meet your requirements.


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