Speed Limiter for Electronic Throttle Systems

Our speed limiter for Electronic / Fly By Wire Throttle Systems is the aftermarket solution to keep your vehicle compliant with the speed limit. It is an effective solution to prevent speeding in commercial and special purpose vehicles where safety and regulatory compliance are paramount, i.e. ports and mine sites.  It restricts maximum road speed to the required speed limit without loss of engine power. This is realized by limiting the required fuel demand according to a set speed limit. The maximum speed limit is set using an electronic control unit.

Information about the current speed of the vehicle is measured with a speed sensor that supplies an electronic speed signal to the control unit. The control unit limits the fuel output in different ways, depending on the fuel injection technology of the engine. In addition to its main function, limiting the maximum speed, the system offers a variable speed limiter as an option. The driver can activate this feature below the maximum speed limit in areas with lower speed limits.

Furthermore, the speed limiter includes additional speed limit inputs to pre-program smaller speed limits than the maximum speed. This functionality can be used to prevent fast driving if any special function in the vehicle is activated (like open doors on a city bus or people on the platform in the back of a garbage truck).


VDO Pedal Interface II


High Preforming and Versatile
Regulatory and safety compliance
Retrofit Solution for electronically controlled engines
Road-speed control facility
Road-speed Regulation
Suitable for use at Mines, Ports, and Airports


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