MiX Value Added Services

MiX Telematics offers a range of complementary products to enhance MiX Fleet Manager. Add additional value to your telematics solution with a wide range of accessories and services.

MiX Vision

MiX Vision integrates seamlessly with MiX Fleet Manager or MiX SafeDrive and delivers streaming forward-looking and cab-facing video, with sound. MiX Vision continuously captures a rolling 72 hours of video for retrieval of any 2:30-minute segment when needed, so fleet managers can view what happened before an event occurred as well.

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MiX Tabs

For many large companies, keeping track of moveable assets is a daunting task. Items like generators, storage tanks, work lights and pumps get deployed and redeployed, sometimes across multiple sites and in remote locations. MiX Tabs offers an innovative and cost-effective way to locate assets by leveraging an existing fleet of vehicles as a communications network.

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MiX Rovi II

Improve safety. Increase efficiency. Ensure compliance. A breakdown in communication can cause massive inefficiencies and frustration – for drivers, fleet managers and customers. But with MiX Rovi II, a rugged in-cab display from MiX Telematics, fleet managers and drivers are kept in contact with each other more effectively – even under the toughest of conditions.

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MiX Insight Agility

Fast, easy and flexible reporting using MS Excel Unlike static reports, users finally have the power to create and shape customized reports in the format they prefer.

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MiX Go

An easy-to-use task management application that boosts efficiency Running a business is tough. Customers want more, for less, in the shortest amount of time. Effective communication between managers and their employees is critical to business success.

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MiX Journey Management

Safe and efficient, from start to finish If you’ve ever had to contend with manual journey management planning, then you’ll know how tedious and error-prone it can be. MiX Journey Management offers an easy-to-use electronic alternative to paper-based systems that ensures all risks relating to journeys are readily visible to decision makers when it matters most.

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My MiX

Saving lives. Saving money. For successful fleet operators, it’s no secret: engaged drivers means successful business. The way your drivers operate your vehicles affects every aspect of your business, from how much fuel is used to the number of accidents that occur – or don’t.

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