MTCO 1324 OEM Tachograph

Quality VDO modular tachograph, commonly found in Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, Iveco and other European makes.  It is suitable for all truck and bus/coach applications. The MTCO 1324 modular tachograph sets standards in performance, technology and design thanks to its separate display and recording elements, Speed and distance travelled, as well as driver-related data such as driving, working and rest times, are recorded on conventional, tamper-proof paper charts.




Automatic change of time groups and cut-off of distance recording after 25 hrs
Automatic positioning of recording chart to match the time of day
Automatic warnings
Battery-buffered real-time clock with automatic changeover to summertime
CAN Interface for OEM Manufacturers
Drawer for two charts, locked and unlocked via ignition key
Flip down or fixed drawer design
Multifunctional LCD display with 2 x 16 characters
Recording unit for ISO 7736 radio-sized slot


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