Mechanical Speed Limiter Solution

Our Mechanical Speed Limiter Solution is an aftermarket solution for mechanical speed limiter compliance in Buses, Trucks, Mining Vehicles, Commercial and Special purpose vehicles where safety regulatory compliance are paramount. Airco can supply, fit and and repair mechanical speed limiters.

Airco can customise the limiter to comply with your needs, whether that is a fixed speed of 100 km/hr or a switched site speed limit providing on and off site compliance.

Airco can design the system in the range of 5 – 120 km/h, it complies with ADR 65/00 the Australian design regulation pertaining to speed limiting systems for trucks and buses.

The speed limiting system consists of the AGB III control electronics and an actuator that is mechanically linked to the injection pump so that its delivery rate can be reduced. The system limits the maximum speed by reducing the engine power when the pre-set maximum speed is reached.


Speed Limiter Device: VDO AGB111


Additional configurable speed limiting
Additional freely selectable speed limiting
Adjustable position limiter
Complies with ADR 65/00 the Australian design regulation
Diagnosis and parameterization with commercially available standard PC
Fault indicator and fault request via key(s) and flash code
Input for engine brake
Maximum speed limiting


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